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2013/06/11: Testing one of Omegamoon's ideas:

- since we had to add the missing rk30 clock_data by using the .uu we had in previous 3.0.36 kernel (https://github.com/Galland/rk3x_kernel_3.0.36/blob/master/arch/arm/mach-rk30/clock_data.uu)

- and since the new kernel has a clock_data.c in mach-rk3188 that, from its comments, seems to be compatible with rk30

- try porting it to rk30


- take rk3188 kernel at this precise stage (https://github.com/Galland/Linux3188/commit/8696a84b6a49d5b9c7985edad3d2d7e7334c8ffe) which has:

1) a copy in mach-rk30 of the mach-rk3188 clock_data.c and its associated cru-rk3188.h (very similar to rk30's cru.h but with some more defines)

2) fixes to clock_data.c to let kernel compile for rk30

- commented out the ddr_adjust_config and ddr_set_freq in ddr.c

- of course, removed prev. clock_data.uu


- My stick doesn't boot, but since I don't have pads to solder a serial console to, I can't tell if it goes further than usual

- So for all to try, I've uploaded the zImage to this url ( https://www.dropbox.com/s/inpzxan7aywzflm/zImage )

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