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1) Start with full Linux3188

2) Replace /arch/arm/mach-rk30 with the one at

3) "it’s 1080p and I think I configured it for DDR1333-9-9-9 though I didn’t explicitly set 667MHz in the .config" (the .config is for RK30_SDK board)

4) and in /arch/arm/plat-rk changed:

"in Makefile I commented this line: obj-$(CONFIG_DVFS) += dvfs.o

and clock.c and dvfs.h are reverted to kernel rk3x_…​ (though there aren’t many changes)"

Result with Omegamoon’s serial console:

"it continuously reboots…​ but it gets beyond the DDR init!"

⚠️ ** Fallback** ⚠️