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No armor / Cloth armor

  • Having no armor means zero limitations, but also taking increasing damage from physical attacks
  • Cloth armor infers no protection benefits other than those inferred from the magical properties of the item
  • Used by mages and other primary spell casters

Light armor

  • Removes the penalty from physical damage of having no armor, but that's it
  • Makes it hard to cast spells without the appropriate feats
  • No other limitations
  • Used by archers and dexterity melee fighters

Medium armor

  • Gives a penalty to dexterity, but no limit to movement and speed
  • Negates a percentage of damage, or a flat amount, the lower of the two
    • So it can't fully negate a physical attack
    • Nor does it scale automatically
  • Used by melee fighters who care about movement

Heavy Armor

  • Negates any dexterity bonuses
  • Reduces the character's walking speed
  • Only armor that can completely negate physical damage
  • Used by tanks and heavy hitters