PC Interface - Gadroc/dcs-bios-arduino GitHub Wiki

Usage of this layer consists of three parts to your sketches. First is defining your PC Interface object, typicall right after the includes at the top of the sketch.

DcsBiosSerialDevice dcsBiosDevice(&Serial);

Second you must call the process() method during each loop in your primary loop.

void loop() {

Use the interface object to send messages back to DCS.

void sendDcsBiosMessage(const char* msg, const char* arg) {
  dcsBiosDevice.sendDcsBiosMessage(msg, arg);

PC Interface Objects


This object manages communication with the PC and communicating with up to 32 DcsBiosRs485Device based sketches. See the example sketch for an implementation of the controller.


This is a base object/interface that all new protocols for talking with the PC should implement. All DcsBiosDevices must implement two methods process and sendDcsBiosMessage. This will allow existing sketches to be converted easily.