Iteration 4 Plan - GToidZ/ku-polls Wiki


Prepare instructions for administrators to install this web application and provide data fixtures for first time installs.


  1. Administrators can easily install this application via scripts provided in the repository.
  2. Administrators can apply data fixtures that are provided in the repository.
  3. Repository has instructions for installation and running the application.


  1. Automated installation - using scripting (sh / Powershell) knowledge to automate installation.
  2. Application documentation - add instructions for setting up and running the application to
  3. Code review - use external tools to review, fix and document project's source code respecting style guides and standards.
  4. Iteration 4 - completing iteration four with deployable application.

Acceptance Criteria

  1. Repository contains installation scripts.
  2. Installation scripts works on major operating systems.
  3. contains instructions on setting up and running the application.
  4. Data fixtures can be applied to the database on setup.
  5. Source code is formatted conforming to code styling standards.
  6. Everything works (deployable) on the iteration4 branch and must be merged into master.


To be added.