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A few lists collating interesting developer-oriented technologies.

Many have been found tucked away in throw-away Reddit posts/comments, or recommended in Youtube videos/comments. Some I have used, many I have not.

Table of Contents


Python UI (Desktop & Web) Frameworks

Rich Python CLI Library for rich text formatting in the terminal
Textual Python CLI AppDev framework to enable Terminal Python UIs
- - - -
DelphiFMX Python Desktop By Embarcadero
Eel Python Desktop Library for making simple Electron-like HTML/JS GUI app
Flet Python Desktop Create web, mobile and desktop apps using Flutter
Toga Python Desktop Native UI framework
- - - -
NiceGUI Python Desktop & Web Web-based user interface
Rio Python Desktop & Web Full-Stack in pure Python. No HTML, CSS needed
- - - -
Brython Python Web Replace JS as your web scripting language
FastAPI Python Web Modern, high-performance, web framework for building APIs
Flask Python Web Micro framework for building web applications
HyperDiv Python Web Python tool for reactive browser UI apps
Mesop Python Web Build with AI, web apps powered by Flask
Pyramid Python Web Lighter than Django, more than Flask
PyFire Python Web Python UI framework for reactive web user interfaces
PyScript Python Web Enables Python apps/tools made to work in web browsers
PyWebIO Python Web Low code web framework
Reflex Python Web Framework including ready-made components for web apps
Taipy Python Web Data & AI web application builder
Starlette Python Web Lightweight ASGI framework/toolkit, for async web services

UI Frameworks (Other Languages)

Wails Go UI framework -

CSS & JavaScript UI Frameworks & Component Libraries

Atomizer CSS Framework Interesting tool for CSS styling and files builds
BonsaiCSS CSS Framework Utility complete framework < 45kb
Bulma CSS Framework Useful for SvelteKit, until ecosystem matures
Pico CSS CSS Framework Minimal CSS Framework for semantic HTML
Spruce CSS Framework CSS design system built on Sass
- - - -
AlpineJS JS CSS Web framework Lightweight, JavaScript framework
Gridsome JS Web framework JAMstack framework for Vue.JS
Preact JS CSS Web framework React derivation, focusing on speed
Quasar JS CSS Web framework Vue.JS based framework
SolidJS JS CSS Web framework Responsive, UI framework
SvelteKit JS Web framework Svelte JS refocused for the web
- - - -
BitsUI JS CSS Primitive Lib A collection of headless component primitives
Headless JS CSS Primitive Lib Svelte aligned
MeltUI JS CSS Primitive Lib Low-level builder API for headless components
Radix Primitives JS CSS Primitive Lib Primitive library pack
- - - -
Chakra v2 JS CSS Components Modular, accessible library for React
Daisy UI JS CSS Components Component library for Tailwind CSS
Fancyapps UI JS CSS Components Library of JavaScript UI components
Flowbite JS CSS Components Versions for React, Vue, Svelte etc.
GlideApps JS CSS Components React-ready editable data grid
Marko JS CSS Components Extends HTML for dynamic sites
Nuxt UI JS CSS Components Collection of styled, customizable UI components
Plain Admin JS CSS Components Component library
Preline JS CSS Components React, Vue, and HTML5 ready
Radix JS CSS Components Component library optimized for fast development
+ Radix-Vue JS CSS Components Vue aligned component collection
React-Admin JS CSS Components React Framework for B2B Apps
Sailboat JS CSS Components UI component library for Tailwind CSS
Semantic UI JS CSS Components CSS components
+ SemanticUI React JS CSS Components Official React integration for Semantic UI
Shadcn JS CSS Components Minimal styled component library
+ Shadcn (Vue) JS CSS Components Unofficial port to Vue
+ Shadcn (Svelte) JS CSS Components Unofficial port to Svelte
Shoelace JS CSS Components Forward-thinking library of web components
SkeletonUI JS CSS Components Decent, like DaisyUI
Svelte Material UI JS CSS Components Svelte Material UI components
Svelte UX JS CSS Components Collection of Svelte components
TailWind CSS Framework The powerful web styling behemoth
+ Tailgrids JS CSS Components Tailwind CSS UI components
+ Tailkit JS CSS Components Tailwind CSS UI components
+ Tailwind Elements JS CSS Components Bootstrap components recreated with Tailwind CSS
+ Tailwind UI JS CSS Components React and Vue ready, plus vanilla HTML/CSS
Vuetify JS CSS Components Vue focused library
+ Vuetify Snips JS CSS Components Paid, UI collection built with Vuetify
Windstatic JS CSS Components Elements & layouts using Tailwind CSS and Alpine.JS
WindUI JS CSS Components Copy paste accessible for React and HTML

UI Generators & App Scaffolding

AnimaApp -
DivJoy -
Docsify Markdown to HTML on-the-fly, good as documentation sites
OpenUI * Locally-hosted AI UI generator
Prompt2ui Locally-hosted AI UI generator
PyHipster -
Scaffoldhub Next JS generator, with Prisma, shadcn/UI, TailwindCSS
Tailwind CSS Grid CSS Grid tool
TLDRaw Hand-drawn image to web UI
V0 * Created by Vercel, it is a React UI generator (limited free) 3rd party hosted AI-based UI generator
Yeoman -

UI Components - Python TKinter & CustomTKinter

PY Window Styles Toolkit Standalone Windows theme selector element
Toolkit Toolkit Standalone toolkit app
Theme Maker Toolkit Standalone CustomTKinter theme toolkit app
- - -
Colour picker Customtkinter Standard colour picker element
Custom tooltips Customtkinter Custom pointer icon element
Dropdown menu CustomTKinter Drop down nav-style element
Listbox Customtkinter Selection from list box element
Menu bar Customtkinter Drop in menu bar element
Message box Customtkinter Display popup message box element
PDF viewer Customtkinter Element to easily load and view PDF files
Pie chart Customtkinter Pie chart element
Radar chart Customtkinter Radar chart element
Range selection Customtkinter Slider for ranges element
Table Customtkinter Data table element
XY scrollable frame Customtkinter Scrollable window frame
- - -
Node system TKinter element
Video player TKinter Drop in video player element, style how you wish
?Visualiser? TKinter element


Libraries & Tools

ArgParse Python FUnction supports coding CLI, handling help tasks etc.
HTTPIE Python A desktop API testing client, handles JSON.
+ HTTPIE Python Also available CLI for http requests
HttpX Python HTTP client for sync and async APIs, supports HTTP/1.1 and HTTP/2
Ice cream Python Enhanced clarity while debugging
Inline-CSS Python Convert applicable CSS from linked file to inline (emails)
MsgSpec Python Serialisation and validation library
Mistune Python Python markdown parser
Requests Python HTTP requests library
Pydantic Python Data validation using Python type hints
PyMyPDF Python PDF viewer
PyOxidizer Python Packing tool utility for producing binaries that embed Python
PyOxy Python An alternative Python runner
React Markdown JS Markdown component for React
Rye Python Project and package management, inc. Ruff, UV
Ruff Python Fast linter and code formatter, replaces PyLint and Black
Sun Editor JS Open source text editor for web apps
Trio Python Library cover for async concurrency and I/O
UV Python Package installer and resolver. Replaces PIP



Browserless - Testing Cloud test automation
Gatling JS Testing OSS performance testing
K6 JS Testing OSS load testing
Katalon VARIOUS Testing UI and API testing, CI runnable
LambdaTest VARIOUS Testing Cloud testing platform
Locust Python Testing Python load testing
Nose2 Python Testing Improved Python unittest
Playwright (Python) Python Testing E2E / functional testing
Puppetry DSL Testing No code automation E2E
Puppeteer JS Testing Node.js library high-level API control (Chrome/Firefox)
VisualTest Testing

Documentation Platforms

Confluence Centralised document storage and management. Free for < 10 users
Docsify Generates HTML documents from .md files on-the-fly
Docusaurus Uses MDX (markdown superset with JSX) to build HTML and React
Gitbook Web host for documentation. Expensive, no OSS allowance
MarkDoc -
Mintlify Customer facing documentation platform
MKDocs Static site generator for project documentation
Readthedocs Web host for project documentation. Free for OSS projects
Sphinx Generate from code, structured technical documents

Standalone Tech


Review, and decide if the best place might be the note on IS Technology.

DB Browser for SQLite (DB4S) Desktop app for SQLite databases access and management
Dendron Extension for note taking within VSCodium/VSCode
Firefox Developer Edition Specialist font panel, unique CSS handling, JS debugger
Gradient Picker Includes new colour spaces LAB and LCH (plus std: RGB, HSL, HSV)
Markdown Viewer A markdown visual design tool
Modern Font Stacks List of CSS typeface classification for every modern OS
Nerd Fonts Free fonts collection, good for bitmap-style terminals fonts
Neumorphism CSS Neumorphism element CSS generator
Profile 'Shield' Cards Create custom tech-stack cards
Reloadium Python hot reloading and profiling Browser based note taking app, uses the Web API IndexedDB
SVG Repo Tools List of tools related to SVG, and vector design
TextImage Desktop app to extract text from images using Tesseract
VectorMaker Convert images into vector SVG
Vue Drag and Drop Vue 3 library supporting drag and drop in many configurations

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