Leviathan's Axe - FrogMan650/EndGameEnhanced GitHub Wiki

An Inevitable Axe that combines the functionality of an Axe and a Trident.

Stats and effects

Thrown damage: 18

Melee damage: 10

Melee attack speed: 1

Leviathan's Fury:

  • Quickly returns to you
  • 5% chance on thrown hit to spawn a lightning bolt at the enemy's location

Destruction mode

When enabled: Mining will affect a 3x3x1 area depending on which face of the block you're mining and all logs vertical from the first will be mined.

Affected blocks: All Logs, all Planks, Pumpkin, Melon, Bookshelf, Bamboo block, Bamboo mosaic.


Base Item: Netherite Axe

Smithing Template

Pure Nature Essence

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