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Readings: Remote Code Execution

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Cyber Threat Analyst: Key Job Skills and Expected Salary

Tracking, Detecting, and Thwarting PowerShell-based Malware and Attacks

You just_ got a new job as a Cyber Threat Analyst, how would you explain your role to a family member?_ __

  • A Cyber Threat Analyst watches over computer networks (i.e. groups of computers and/or servers at home or a business) to make sure that bad actors don't get into your computer and/or home/business networks. We do this by using software that monitors exactly where computer/internet traffic is coming to/from, what information is being sent over a network, and what activities are being done an individual device.

**Explain what makes PowerShell such an effective attack vector. **

  • Because PowerShell is widely deployed and has access to all parts of a host (via the .NET framework), hackers can inject payloads into apps or use scripting. Because developing scripts for payload delivery is easy, and because PowerShell is a trusted application, it's almost always allowed to execute scripts.

What are two things you can do to mitigate attacks that leverage PowerShell?