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Terms of Service & Information

Welcome to the Agent Black Association ("ABA")

This bot ("service") alongside with a server is the hub for discussing bans, new features, suggestions, and having a little fun. These Terms of Service are in place to protect the discord server and the bot as well as the members part of it and the content the bot is holding.

Discord ToS

In order to take part in our service, your server must also follow Discord’s Terms of Service.

Discord Bot

General information

To take part in the Association, the Discord bot “Agent Black” needs to be added to your Discord server. The bot comes with its own role. It is advised to not temper with it as it will affect the performance and proper usage of the bot. Bug updates as well as new bot features get announced in the Discord Server and via Broadcasing messages through the bot itself. Those features can be suggested by the Associates in the server.

Banlist export

You may not export the ban list from the bot in any way, shape, or form. This will be done for you upon asking the current bot owner. The data collected is stored only in the DB and either given out via the AB Discord Bot or through a DB export of your own server bans in the form of a CSV-File.

Data collection

Bot collects the following data with reason:

  • Bans with reason their respective servers: Main feature of the bot
  • User Tags to user ID association: Used to reverse Search old and current user tags to their respective ID
  • Server names, server IDs, channel IDs and role IDs: Needed to make sure Servers are part of the association. It's an extra security feature to prevent unauthorized usage.
  • Punishment reasons and timings: Are used for the punishment system
  • User provided warn reasons: Warning system

All information stored in the database is only used purely to make the bot operational. We do not sell any data, that gets collected.

Data sharing

The following data gets shared across Discord for other server mod-teams to look into and maybe ask questions about it in the partnership server:

  • Bans with reasons
  • Warns with reasons
  • Server Names
  • Server IDs
  • Punishment reasons and timings

Partnership and Server

Partnering with Agent Black Association

If you decide to partner with the Agent Black ("AB") Association, you agree to these Terms of Service. If these Terms are violated, broken or exploited, it may result in restricted usage or even a partnership termination.

Terminating the partnership and bot usage

The partnership can be terminated by voting from other servers or by the AB staff. If your server is leaving the ABA the owner is obligated to remove the bot from their server and leave the ABA-server. The ABA gets to keep all bans and the server name, that the bot recorded while it was on the server! If the owner of the server wants to have their data removed, they can request it by the owner of ABA on their Discord server If no ToS violation have occurred a re-entry of the server can be established without any further. If a violation caused a termination of the partnership, a vote among the other partnered servers and/or AB staff can be casted in order to decide, if a re-entry of the server in question is reasonable.

Ban reasons

Reasonless Bans

Please do not ban people without context. We need a tangible reason under someone’s ban, we can’t just have a list of bans which have zero context to them. That defeats the purpose of this project and causes confusion among other servers. Note that some bots like Dyno do not record a reason. You can use Discords built in ban feature or the AB itself. (AB only works with IDs as it's meant to be used for users that have already left.) Of course, you can use any other bot as long as it has been tested, to add a reason to the ban.

Valid Ban Reasons

Please don’t ban people for unjustified and no valid reasons. Everyone should be treated and punished equally, so banning someone because you don't like them is not appropriate. By using this bot, you agree that you will consider bans objectively. That means don’t consider your personal feelings on the subject. Be professional with the ban feature, be thorough; we don’t want to see ban reasons that are false. Don’t sugar coat ban reasons, don’t exaggerate, and don’t lie.

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