Reflections - FlameSpyro/Cyber-Security-Survival-Kit GitHub Wiki

Week 1-2 (1/27/2024)

  • This will mark the first entry within my brand new GitHub repository. My goal of doing this is to improve upon where I failed last semester which was to properly update and flesh out my wikis and entries for myself. Because my two topics from last semester have merged and changed in a variety of ways, I found it best to start from the bottom as a better, redone base will allow for a smoother workflow. I still think it is important to include past documentation so my best option was to link my previous wikis under a legacy section within my table of contents. I plan to either check out or purchase the cybersecurity survival kit once this has been completed or do that along the side.
  • I'm not happy with my previous work/research and feel it's best to start from scratch before I get my hands dirty. Once that's been completed its time to begin the work on the actual environment. References will be added under the proper section as things go on. Lastly, a brand new board has been made dividing the work into 4 sprints. The other sprints are only rough predictions as work could take up more/less time so change is always a factor. More official charts is also being worked on.

Week 3

  • I faced a massive bump in regard to my environment setup when it came to my capstone project. I was originally working on my school computer I've had all this time here at college to manage my VMS. However, it was recently found that a corrupted file could cause massive trouble later down the road. To fix this however I had to do a fresh image install. Because of this I have been doing everything to recover my progress of getting my base machines back up and ready to go.
  • Ontop of that I have proper documentation for installing security onion as an ISO on VM specifically. I plan to install the software this week as that is a main branch of my project.

Week 4

  • I met with my professor regarding my current status on my capstone and where to exactly go from here, what needs to change, and what to accomplish during sprint 2? Overall it was a very strong meeting. One of the first tips that he gave me regarding what I already had is to install pfsense into my virtual environment. But one of the big things to discuss was the audience I want to reach with my capstone. He told me to find and focus on a specific audience because that could heavily alter aspects of the project. I think my audience is people who own and can navigate a computer but may not be too familiar with the inner workings of cybersecurity.
  • This audience may lower the amount of security onion usage within my entire project, but we will see once I get security onion installed this oncoming week. I also intend to share my notes on cybersecurity for beginners once I am about halfway through.