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MAK_Sprint#1_Meeting#1_2023-01-20 (25 min)

Project goal: Create a website for students and employers where students can look for job postings and employers can post job offerings.

  • Discussed group member strengths and past website making experience
  • Discussed project approach
  • Decided on React for front-end, Django on the back-end, and SQL for the database

By next meeting group member roles should be decided, ideas for user stories should be discussed

MAK_Sprint#1_Meeting#2_2023-01-29 (90 min)

Decided on group member development roles

  • Daniel: Front end
  • Ali: Full Stack
  • Michael: Back end
  • Kade: Full Stack
  • Yeprem: Front end
  • Rihazul: Back end

Discussed user stories

Ask TA if user stories for sprint one should be about product functionalities or if they should be development based

MAK_Sprint#1_Meeting#3_2023-01-31 (30 min)

Discussed what was left to do for sprint 1

  • Add final user stories to wiki and to issues on github
  • Update readme with group member information
  • Assign work to group members and discuss pull requests

For next meeting think about website design and become familiar with React and SQL

MAK_Sprint#1_Meeting#4_2023-02-10 (30 min)

  • Discussion about UI design
  • Discussed what needs to be done

MAK_Sprint#2_Meeting#1_2023-02-16 (30 min)

  • Discussion about UI design

MAK_Sprint#2_Meeting#2_2023-02-17 (20 min)

Discussed sprint 2 goals and what needs to be finished

  • User stories need to get story points
  • Each story needs tasks added to them in wiki and issues
  • Feature that needs to be completed is Employer add/edit/delete job listing
  • 2 acceptance tests
  • Implement test infrastructure

MAK_Sprint#2_Meeting#3_2023-02-28 (104 min)

Discussed sprint 2 and did the last touches that needed to be done

  • Adding/Finishing the User story points related to each users stories
  • Discussing the distribution of the tasks and finishing them
  • Finishing up the features that need to be implemented to the web

MAK_Sprint#3_Meeting#1_2023-03-12 (25 min)

Discuss sprint 3 and finalize with some core features

  • Adding and finishing user stories for sprint 3
  • Working on student's application form
  • Working and implementing the part where student can view their application
  • Working on login and logout page from employer/applicant side

MAK_Sprint#3_Meeting#2_2023-03-15 (40 min)

Discuss sprint 3

  • Working on "updating" job offers/postings
  • Working on the navigation of applicant and employer, different pages

MAK_Sprint#3_Meeting#3_2023-03-24 (20 min)

Discuss sprint 3 and conceptualize for sprint 4

  • Adding universal acceptance testing
  • Talked about different features to include in sprint 4 (such as pfp...)
  • Completed user stories for sprint 3