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Jackson & Friends W-I-P

This page is a "living document" of on-going work, mostly by @cowtowncoder (Tatu), although other committers are welcome to update it as well.

Note that there is also a complementary set of things core developers may eventually work on but that may be better tackled by other contributors: New Contributor Friendly Issues

Contents are divided in multiple sections, first in a few kinds of actionable (*) things. Specific breakdown varies but is along lines of:

and then one other theoretically-actionable category:

as finally the "Recently Completed" addendum. Plus, I try to give "safe harbor" style guesstimate on timing of next minor (and in case of 3.0, major) releases.

Note that this page does NOT contain "Big Ideas" for Jackson 3.0: these are covered on separate JSTEP page.

(*) actionable meaning, in general, that progress is only/mostly limited by time available and not by inherent difficulty, or lack of design or ideas of how to tackle the need.

Last updates

(updated on daily basis so only some of major updates mentioned)

When will 2.14 and 3.0 be out?

Jackson 2.13.0 was released on September 30th, 2021. After this initial 2.x focus will be on 2.13.x patches. Probably after 2.13.1 it may be time to create 2.14 branch.

Question of priority between 3.0 and 2.14 is still open:

But, currently I think that:

To Evaluate

Work for 2.14, planned / on-going:

Work for 2.13(.1), on-going/immediate

Work for 2.13(.1), planned

Possible work for 2.13.x/2.14, evaluate

On-going 3.0 work

Possible 2.13.x work still

2.13 that did not make it

2.13/2.14, Misc/non-Jackson

To work on

2.14 / core

2.14 / databind

2.14, XML




Important Things


Simple Things



These entries have been evaluated but not solved (either worked without full solution, or deemed unlikely to be solved and no attempt made)

Deferred - hope to revisit (when time permits)

Deferred - for now

Deferred - unlikely to revisit

Big Ideas

Note: many Big Ideas now included on JSTEP page.

But a scratchpad for stuff can be retained...


(NOTE: need to include in some better way, but for now just need a place to add ideas)

Another dimension of things to work is... documentation.

Recently completed

Here are things since 2.13.1 (19-Dec-2021)