Project Environment Setup - FaisalAhmed64/Django-Project Wiki

****** Prepared By MD FASISAL AHMED**

###**** Django installation Process

step 01: first of all create a repository on GitHub and open it with the GitHub desktop version
step 02: Create a virtual environment by giving this command "python3 -m venv venv" and active the venv by activating with this command "Scripts\activate" here you need to go to the venv folder by changing the directory.
step 03: then create a project and migrate all the changes by giving the following command:
   Creating project:---- "Django-Admin startproject Second_Project ."     

   We use one space and .(dot) for creating a project in the next folder so there will be no two project folders.

   For migrations:---- "Django migrate"
step 04: Finally push into the GitHub and commit