AI Usage - FMIProjects/TheKnight GitHub Wiki

We used the following:

  • Github Copilot integrated in VS for code refactoring. (See Refactoring section of the wiki)

  • ChatGPT for asking unity game development questions.

    Q: How do I access the child components within an unity script?

    A: In Unity, accessing child components from a script can be done using the Transform component's Find() method or by using GetComponentInChildren() method.

    using UnityEngine;
    public class ExampleScript : MonoBehaviour
        void Start()
            // Access the component attached to a child GameObject named "ChildObject"
            SomeComponent childComponent = GetComponentInChildren<SomeComponent>();
            // Check if the childComponent is not null before using it
            if (childComponent != null)
                // Use the childComponent as needed