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Finding the json files

Path: ../config/oretweaker/data/

Understanding the json files


Value Explanation
ore The registry name of the block to generate. Can be found by pressing F3 + H and hover over in inventory
filler What block to replace with the "ore", usually stone or nether rack
minY Minimum Y-Level ore can spawn above
maxY Maximum Y-Level ore can spawn below
maxVeinSize Maximum size of ore vein
spawnRate How many attempts at generating the ore per chunk
biomeBlacklist List of forbidden biome names where the ore cannot generate [Choose either blacklist or whitelist or none of them]
biomeWhitelist List of allowed biome names where the ore can generate [Prioritized above blacklist]

Example of how the coal_ore.json file can look like.

  "oreConfig": [
      "ore": "minecraft:coal_ore",
      "filler": "minecraft:stone",
      "minY": 32,
      "maxY": 96,
      "maxVeinSize": 22,
      "spawnRate": 16,
      "biomeBlacklist": [],
      "biomeWhitelist": []