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Debugging Ore-Tweaker

Figuring out the problem

There can be several reasons why Ore Tweaker does not work for you. This page will help you narrow it down, so you can get the problem fixed as fast as possible.


  1. You configured the mod but none of the custom world-gen you configured seems to work. Everything looks like default Minecraft world gen.

  2. You configured the mod but some or one of the entries don't work. Example can't get clay to spawn as an ore.

  3. The mod crashes during start-up or while generating a world.


  1. You most likely have a syntax error in you're .json file. Check out how you can fix this by clicking here.

  2. One or more of your entries in the .json file is has an error or typo. Check out how to fix it by clicking here.

  3. There is something terrible wrong. Create an issue report by clicking here.

For more help talk to me on Discord:

If you run into any problems while using Ore Tweaker or need help, you can ask me personally here in my Discord.