3. Usage - ErvinZzz/subt Wiki

1. Launch the simulation world with X1 wheeled robot

ign launch -v 4 competition.ign worldName:=tunnel_circuit_practice_01 circuit:=tunnel robotName1:=X1 robotConfig1:=X1_SENSOR_CONFIG_3

For more official robot model and different sensor equipped please check this page.

For detailed explanation of sensor used and message published please check this page.

To test the control of the wheeled robot X1

rosrun teleop_twist_keyboard teleop_twist_keyboard.py /cmd_vel:=/X1/cmd_vel

2. Launch the SLAM

roslaunch fast_lio mapping_velodyne.launch

3. Launch the Interface and Local Planner

roslaunch vehicle_simulator system_X1_exp_simulation.launch

4. Launch the Exploration Framework

roslaunch tare_planner explore_tunnel.launch