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Overview of Timon's knowledge + uploading your own FAQs!

Here you’ll find word document with the knowledge base for Timon. A good classic overview. Note that it’s not a 100 % match due to many adaptations and improvements to Timon in PVA.
The word document is located here on GitHub and is a perfect example of how to load knowledge into a bot.


Whether you're using Power Virtual Agents Online on the web (Premium) or Power Virtual Agents in the Teams app, you can upload Timon's knowledge and own FAQs this way. Uploading documents such as word, pdf, excel, etc. enables your PVA bot to load topics from existing resources, in addition to web pages of course. You must of course then work with adaptation! (Trigger phrases, design of responses, potential flows, etc... etc...).

Timon has thousands of additions and +200 h of work after loading this knowledge base.

In PVA on the web

In PVA in Teams