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PVA Bonus Tips - Collaborate with Others and Export

Collaborate with others in Power Virtual Agent

Invite colleagues and share responsibility for different topics. Invited colleagues can contribute to all topics but can NOT delete Timon (bot). Flows that the bot uses (in Power Automate) cannot be edited by invited people directly, edit rights to flows needs to be shared separately. Read more on this link: https://aka.ms/PVA/Multiuser 👩💻👨💻👩💻👨

Export? What if we make great edits to our Timon (bot) and want to share?"

Glad you asked 😉! Of course, you can! Just as you imported Timon with this guide, you can also export your job to share with others. Great video on importing and exporting found here: Export and import robots using solutions (preview)

To EXPORT your Timon (bot)
In Power Apps, first create a new solution (in the same environment "environment" as your Timon/bot exists!) Then add the existing chat bot (make sure you are in the right environment).
Choose a Display name – Add Publisher (If first time, click +Publisher in the drop-down to create a new one). Edit or leave Version as is. Click More options. Leave Configuration page blank (unless pro user who creates configuration pages). Add a description.
Unmanaged = solution can be imported to any tenant. Just like Timon. Now hit CREATE.

Add existing Chatbot to the solution. /images/A1.2.jpg
Choose Timon or Your Bot’s Name and Add.

Final Step ahead! Almost there.

Avoid common mistakes when exporting!

A common mistake when exporting is to forget about including any "connection references" the bot has (like Teams and Office 365 for Timon). If you have connections, these must be included in your Power Apps solution!
Add all available connection references. That's it! Now you can export your Timon for others to import in other tenants.
Now just Export📦 to get a zip-file 🎁 with all your hard work!


Jedi update May 4th, 2021:
This (import/export) can now also be done in the Power Apps Teams app straight in Teams! It's similar but easier. Try it. You’ll get it.

🌠#MayThe4thBeWithYou 🌠