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Known limitations and cost considerations

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📓 Terminology:

Is Timon really free?

Timon is free to install for those with select Microsoft 365 subscriptions.

💡 If you can access Teams, and if you can add the Power Virtual Agents app, then it's likely you already have all necessary licenses.

Users of your bot will also need to access Teams, but you can't add users to a team unless they already have access to Teams as a whole.

Does Timon use anything that the licenses mentioned above don't cover?

Timon was created with the free license for Power Virtual Agents in Teams in mind.

Timon does not use premium connectors and uses less than 250 topics (which is the current topic limitation for Teams PVA bots).

Continue reading below to see what limitations this license has.

Where can I read more about licensing?

Limitations for Teams PVA

The Teams PVA license comes with certain limitations, such as:


Teams PVA has a limit of 10 sessions per user per 24 hours. We have so far not experienced any issues regarding reaching the session limit while using (single-language) Timon. If you expect extensive individual use of multiple Teams PVA bots, you may want to keep this limit in mind when planning roll-out and general usage.

Session definition:

A billed session is an interaction between a customer and a bot, and represents one unit of consumption.

The billed session begins when a user topic is triggered. More information: Use system and sample topics section

A session ends for one of the following reasons:

The user ends the chat session.
When the bot doesn't receive a new message for more than 30 minutes, the session is considered closed.
The session is longer than 60 minutes.
The first message that occurs after 60 minutes starts a new session.
The session has more than 100 turns. A turn is defined as one exchange between a user and the bot.
The one-hundred-and-first turn starts a new session.

General PVA important info

Important information:

Microsoft Power Virtual Agents (1) is not intended or made available as a medical device for the diagnosis of disease or other conditions, or in the cure, mitigation, treatment or prevention of disease, or otherwise to be used as a component of any clinical offering or product, and no license or right is granted to use Microsoft Power Virtual Agents for such purposes,

(2) is not designed or intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, treatment, or judgment and should not be used as a substitute for, or to replace, professional medical advice, diagnosis, treatment, or judgment, and

(3) should not be used for emergencies and does not support emergency calls. Any chatbot you create using Microsoft Power Virtual Agents is your own product or service, separate and apart from Microsoft Power Virtual Agents. You are solely responsible for the design, development, and implementation of your chatbot (including incorporation of it into any product or service intended for medical or clinical use) and for explicitly providing end users with appropriate warnings and disclaimers pertaining to use of your chatbot.

You are solely responsible for any personal injury or death that may occur as a result of your chatbot or your use of Microsoft Power Virtual Agents in connection with your chatbot, including (without limitation) any such injuries to end users.>