Frequently Asked Questions - Erithano/Timon-Your-FAQ-bot-for-Microsoft-Teams Wiki

🚀 Deployment

▪️ How much time does it take to install Timon?

It shouldn't take much more than 2 hours for a beginner.

⚙️ Customization

▪️ Where do I edit Timon?

You can edit Timon by using the Power Virtual Agents app in Microsoft Teams.

▪️ Can I add new topics? How about editing or deleting existing topics?

Yes, that's all possible! Just remember that PVA for Teams has a limit of 250 topics per bot.

▪️ Can I call Timon for something else? Can I change the app/bot image?

Yes, go ahead! Once you have Timon installed in your own environment, you are free to rename and edit the bot as you like.

▪️ How do I make Timon more advanced?

Use Power Automate flows to give Timon new capabilities. Remember to create the flows within Power Virtual Agents.

▪️ Can I integrate Timon with another app that we have already made?

You can add Timon as a tab to an existing app by editing your app manifest in App Studio. Follow the deployment instructions and get to the step where you can find the Timon's Bot/App ID in Power Virtual Agents. Add this ID to the bot tab in your app manifest.

🗨️ Multiple languages

▪️ Can Timon speak multiple languages?

Power Virtual Agents, the bot platform that powers Timon, currently only supports one language per bot. Don't worry though! There are many ways to tailor the Timon experience to your multilingual end-users :)

▪️ Should I create a new team on Teams per language?

Yes, you should. Uploading multiple languages and knowledge databases to one team environment may cause bugs.