Change Timon's default behavior when not understanding the user's intent - Erithano/Timon-Your-FAQ-bot-for-Microsoft-Teams Wiki

Change Timon’s default behavior when not understanding the user’s intent

It’s recommended to leave the default behavior as is. Only keep reading if you wish to change this. So, you can change the bot's default behavior when it doesn't understand what the user is looking for (user intent). Could be relevant if needing to adapt to potential user frustration.

Instead of asking the user to rephrase two extra times (when the user is directly offered to escalate to real people), you can provide your own. E.g., "I didn't really understand your question, do you want to send your question directly to a human?" and offer Yes/No options.
Or something more advanced.

See the picture for where/how you can change this.

Remove the rating of answers by editing the topic "End of conversation"

Again, it’s recommended to keep this on. At least during your launch face to gain insights on answers that your users like or dislike. Of course, this can be changed if no user rating is desired.