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About Timon/Tima

This project has contributed to and leverages help, insights, and work from others like "Microsoft's Golden QnA pairs" and the AdoptBot-concept. Links in most answers point to official evergreen Microsoft sources like support.office.com and docs.microsoft.com for the chosen language.

Timon (and Tima) add the following to the above work mentioned:

💗+200 hours of making them end user friendly 🔨
🦸+10 000 tiny improvements/adjustments. Optimized for chat in Microsoft Teams
🔢+2000 unique triggers
🦚Custom flows which forward user questions/feedback to internal experts in Teams (optional)
✅Complete Beginner's Guide covering import, how to edit, how to deploy org-wide and more, with Q&A hosted here on GitHub.

Know before you GO 🚀

❗These are NOT official Microsoft bots.
❗There is NO SUPPORT included. You're on your own. Use the guide.
❗Again, refer to the guide for all specific help around Timon or Tima.
❗More languages may or may not become available. All will show here.
❗Timon & Tima's icons are designed by vectorpouch | Freepik
❗This work is supplied for FREE. You're NOT allowed to resell or repackage this in, or as part of, any commercial offer.

✅ Feel free to edit/add/remove/rename/rebrand. Change ANYTHING to fit your org's needs.
✅ Power Virtual Agents Teams app is included in most M365-licenses see details here.
✅ If your organization has a "Home app" in Teams, like The Adoption Hub, Timon/Tima makes a fantastic addition to that app.
✅ For technical support on Power Virtual Agents (PVA), not Timon or Tima, you can of course contact Microsoft support.