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History of Edging Machines

December 1980 - This study finds that using an inflatable anal buttplug, anal contractions can be used to detect orgasm.

April 2016 - @Onwrikbaar posts a recording of EMG data during an orgasm.

May 2016 - @Rhobot creates the Open source Nogasm device which is intended to edge a user by monitoring air pressure of an inflatable buttplug and stopping a vibrator when a big pressure spike is detected. He began selling them for a while (No longer selling them here).

November 2017 - @Onwrikbaar creates a new algorithm for edging detection for a device derived from the Bullfrog. This new algorithm uses an arousal value that continuously decays at a fixed rate. Then, when a contraction is detected, the magnitude of the contraction is added to the arousal curve. When the arousal curve reaches a limit, the vibration stops. Alternatively, the vibration can be slowed as the arousal curve is approaching the limit. This approach takes into account the frequency of contractions as well as the magnitude and the fact that more than one contraction prior to orgasm is useful for detecting an edge.

December 2017 - @Night-Howler creates the Protogasm which was intended to be a more accessible to build alternative to the Nogasm.

June 2020 - @Skier233 finds @Onwrikbaar's algorithm, begins prototyping with new potential algorithms, and creates a discord server dedicated to automatic edging machines (Now also includes all forms of DIY Toys, Tech, etc).

December 2020 - @MausTec creates the Edge-o-Matic 3000 edging device which implements bluetooth and wifi capability. This device currently utilizes @Onwrikbaar's algorithm for edging detection.

Current - There are ongoing efforts to improve the edging detection algorithm using more advanced approaches to current techniques as well as new approaches such as Machine Learning. There are also efforts to make even easier to build devices and more advanced devices. Furthermore, there is currently ongoing effort to support connectivity and interactivity with other devices such as @TempestVR's devices as well as full support for @qdot's buttplug.io.