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As you may know, the engine of Bane Of Wargs is a variant of the original Dungeons Of Kathallion engine. Even if they share multiple similarities, they are not compatible. Bane Of Wargs mods and Dungeons Of Kathallions plugins are not compatible and are very different, as the Dungeons Of Kathallion engine is deprecated by now.

Your mod should be placed in the plugins/ directory, which is located in your game config folder. To get your game config folder, while in the game menu, select the Preferences button and it will open your preferences which are located in your system game config folder; just search for 'Bane-Of-Wargs' in your root user directory.

For linux users it should be in the ~/.config/ folder.

You can find examples of mod data in the data/ directory. It's the vanilla content of the game.

Each mod requires the following file to work:

|-- Expample Plugin/
|   |-- imgs/ # where you find all '.txt' files, for in-game ascii thumbnails
|   |   |-- [...]
|   |-- scripts/ # where you find all python scripts for utilities items
|   |   |-- [...]
|   |-- dialog.yaml # where you find all dialogs definitions
|   |-- drinks.yaml # where you find all drinks definitions
|   |-- enemies.yaml # where you find all enemies definitions
|   |-- items.yaml # where you find all items definitions
|   |-- lists.yaml # where you find all enemy categories definitions
|   |-- map.yaml # where you find all map points definitions
|   |-- mission.yaml # where you find all missions definitions
|   |-- mounts.yaml # where you find all mounts definitions
|   |-- npcs.yaml # where you find all npcs definitions
|   |-- start.yaml # where you find the default save definition
|   |-- zone.yaml # where you find all the map zones definitions
|   |-- requirements.txt # where you put all the required modules for your scripts, this is optional

You will find information about every of these files in the following wiki pages:

Data Types Knowledge

Additional Knowledge