My Plan - DrakonIsterwall/DrakonIsterwall GitHub Wiki

Welcome to the DrakonIsterwall wiki!

Well hellp to everyone reading this wiki. I am a IT guy with around 10 years working experience and probably 15-20 years experience in general with IT stuff.In this wiki i gonna explain what are my skills or what i have already done in my lifetime.Some parts i cant tell since customers would not be happy about it.I gonna try to remember as much as i can and add it to list over time or write my achievements and improvements of my study or tryhackme or bugbounty and much more here.Additionally i wanna add like a Roadmap what i wanna achieve in the future.

My field of work included : - connecting places/apartments/buildings and so on with cable - configure VOIP gateways or configure Cloud VOIP's for customers - satellite communications - improve security with cameras and sensors - config Firewalls , software and hardware - created websites (really basic ones) - sold hardware components from pc hardware,thin clients and some server stuff - User Help Desk from level 1-3 depending on what software or what hardware problems appeared - to be continued

What is my future goal : - to get my Bachelor Degree in Cyber Security - to get more Certificates to improve and to confirm my knowledge - get into pentesting/bugbounty hunting - to get my github

How i plan to achieve this: - learn for my study - in my free time to look if i can get some Certs like CompTIA's,CCNA's and so on - Improve on the practical skills over tryhackme and other learning websites