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AWS Compute Services:

Amazon Lamda:

  • dsds
  • dasdsad

Amazon Elastic Load Balancers:

  • Load Balancers you know :)
  • Instance is Elastic in nature i.e. it will stretch(distribute) if we add more load to it and won't breakdown.

Amazon Autoscaling:

Amazon EC2 (Elastic Compute Cloud):

A web service which provides secure, resizable compute capacity in cloud.
made for the ease of web scale up and scale down.
An Instance is a virtual server for running application's on amazon's EC2.

Instance Types:

  • General Purpose Instances:
  • Compute Instances: for higher computations
  • Memory Instances: for higher memory or RAM requirements.
  • GPU Instances: for high graphics purposes like designing & 3D modelling.
  • Storage Instances: for higher storage requirements like Big Data.

AWS Security Services:

AWS IAM (Identity and Access Management):

  • Security web service offered by AWS.
  • User get access to resources at appropriate level of permissions.


  • provides firwwalls over a network.
  • protects from cyber threats

AWS KMS (Key Management Service)

  • you can Safely encrypt data that moves over the AWS cloud platform.

AWS Shield

  • It is a managed Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) protection service.