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About Localization

Thank you for supporting Japanese Callouts' translation project.
Here is the process of translating.


If the language that you want to translate does not exist in the crowdin, please request me to add it in my Discord server.


There are some delays in syncing the file from Crowdin, but you can download the latest localization files.
Check the Translation Status in readme.

How to translate the plugin

  1. Go to Crowdin Page
  2. Select the language that you would like to translate.
  3. Open "en-US.json" file
  4. This is the editor screen.
    Translate the Source String to Translation Area.
    Don't forget to press Save button after translating.
  5. Repeat 4 for all translations.

How to translate the wiki

You can translate this wiki too.
However, it involves manually editing each file.
If you want to do this, please tell me on the Discord Server.

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