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Docker Containers

List active docker containers

docker ps

List all docker containers

docker ps -a

Rename container

docker rename oldname newname

Pause docker container

docker container pause <container ID or NAME>

Run docker container detached and interactively

docker run -it -d author/dockername /bin/bash
Note the -d option, which stands for detached: this means that the command you run the container with (/bin/bash), will run in the background so that the container will live through the termination of the current shell session.

Ssh into a running linux docker container

docker exec -ti <name of the container> /bin/bash

Stop a docker container

warning: make sure to save configurations and apps you'll need again before stopping your container.
You should have either

  • stored those on container locations mapped to host via volumes flags (-v path:path)
  • saved the entire state of the container to a docker image via docker commit

docker container stop <container ID or NAME>

Docker Images

List docker images

docker image ls

Rename docker image

docker tag OldName:tag NewName:tag

Docker Volumes, Docker Mounts

List volume in Docker containers

  • List containers first
    docker ps
  • Take note of the container id , then :
    docker inspect -f '{{ .Mounts }}' containerid
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