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Knowledge Share

This page presents helpful resources to ramp yourselves up on Python, React, AWS, and any other frameworks we use in our stack. If you come across any helpful resources, please put them here


  • "This course was what got me started in Python. This course is a masterpiece in my opinion for introducing Python in an accessible manner. Check out Python For Everybody Textbook. You will really want to focus on chapters 2-10, 13-14 to get a good foundation for Python" - Karthik Subramanian

  • "The all-knowing truth about Pytorch for DLP: Pytorch Official Docs"

  • "My internship mentor, who is a python guru, recommended this Python Tutorials Playlist. This playlist covers almost everything there is possible to be known about python in a short amount of time, with topics ranging from programming basics to the specifics of each popular python library. The topics are broken down into bite-size 20-minute videos and the instructor is amazing, he gets straight to the point. If you are looking for a quick start with python, just watching the first 9 videos in the "Python Tutorial for Beginners" section should be good enough, and if later you need to learn about a library such as pandas or flask, you can then refer to these sections of the playlist" - Jessi Chen





To understand our AWS deployment, it's important to have a good understanding of Docker. At Georgia Tech, you'd take a class called CS 2110 (Computer Organization and Programming) and will interact with Docker. Docker is not something to be afraid of. It's not a very difficult concept to understand and it's very important in our project.