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The Quest class is a set of stages, which follow each other in an orderly fashion.

Add a Quest

(code-snippets: DR_QuestAdd)

define quests = {
    "quest_id"  : Quest(id = "quest_id", title = _("Help [a]"), bg="quest quest_id",
        stages_id = ["stages_id_1", "stages_id_2"],
        description = _("Long Description"),
        development = True
    "alice"     :   Quest(id = "alice", title = _("Help [a]"), bg="bg alice terrace talk", 
        stages_id = ["talk alice1", "order products", "take products", "talk alice2"], 
        description = _("To learn more about how the repo works, Talk to [a]. \nGoing when she is there will automatically start an \"Event\" (see routine*.rpy to learn more). \nAfter that an action (action*.rpy) will be added to open the pc, in MC room. \n\n(during the quest you can talk to [a] and you will see her talking during the quests of the same Quest)")
    "ann"       :   Quest(id = "ann", title = _("Help [an]"), stages_id = ["talk al about ann"], development = True),

Start a Quest

(code-snippets: DR_QuestStart)

$ quest_start(id = "quest_id")

Next Stage

(code-snippets: DR_QuestNextStage)

$ quest_nextStage(id = "quest_id")

Next Stage Only it is completed

(code-snippets: DR_QuestNextStageIfIsCompleted)

(in process)

$ quest_nextStageOnlyIsCompleted(id = "quest_id")

If Number of Stages completed in Quest

(code-snippets: DR_QuestIfNumberOfStagesCompleted)

To check which stage number a Quest has arrived at:

if (number_stages_completed_in_quest["alice"] == 2):
    # ...

Set Days required to start

$ quest_setDayNumberRequiredToStart(id = "quest_id", day = 2)


The Stage class is a class necessary for the proper functioning of a quest. (Quests are a list of Stages).

Add a Stage

(code-snippets: DR_QuestStageAdd)

define quest_stages = {
    # Quest "alice"
    "talk alice1"           :   Stage(idQuestOrTask = "alice", title = _("Talk [a]"), 
    description = _("Talk [a] on the terrace."), label_start="stagestart_talkalice"),
    "order products"        :   Stage(idQuestOrTask = "alice", title = _("Order products"), 
    description = _("Order the products with your PC.")),
    "take products"         :   Stage(idQuestOrTask = "alice", title = _("Take products"), 
    description = _("Take products on the Terrace."), 
    description_request = _("Wait for the products you ordered to arrive (2 day)"), 
    days_late = 2, label_start="add_product"),
    "talk alice2"           :   Stage(idQuestOrTask = "alice", title = _("Talk [a]"), description = _("Talk [a].")),
    # Quest "ann"
    "talk al about ann"     :   Stage(idQuestOrTask = "ann", title = _("Talk [a]"), description = _("Talk [a].")),
    "visit ann"             :   Stage(idQuestOrTask = "ann", title = _("Visit [an]"), 
    description = _("Go to the house of [an].")),


(in process Goal)


They are identical to the Quests, except that after completion they are not replaced by the next one, but eliminated.

(in process)


Goal class, it has been designed to be included in the Stage class. To complete the goals use find()

(in process)

Life cycle of a Quest

First phase (Initialize a Stage)

quest_start(id = "quest_id"):
        # self = current_quest_stages["quest_id"]
   = True

Checking whether it is completed

quest_nextStageOnlyIsCompleted(id = "quest_id"):
    if current_quest_stages["quest_id"].isCompleted():
        # self = quests["quest_id"]
                # here look for any errors by reporting them
                if: #if it's not the last quest:
                    self.start(number_stages_completed_in_quest[] + 1) # Start the cycle again