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Need Statement

There is a need for a automata toy which resembles a bird and can be used as a gifting article and should be such that it can teach or showcase the flying mechanism of the bird.

Problem Definition

An automata toy which resembles a bird and showcases it's flying mechanism is required. The toy should be under a budget constraint of 3000/-. The toy should be user - friendly and should be run with both battery and an adapter.The toy should showcase the bird's flying mechanism by flapping of it's wings attached to it and also should showcase a direction change mechanism using it's tail.

Questions and Answers

  Questions Answers Objective Function Constraint
1 What is the colour of the device? White O    
2 What is the range of device by height? 20 ft     C
3 What is the maximum distance range of the device? 75m     C
4 What is the motor used? coreless motor , 8*20mm     C
5 Which material are the wings made of? polythene O    
6 What is the budget needed? 5000rs     C
7 How many gears are needed for making this device? 2 gears     C
8 What is the base made of? wood O    
9 What are the dimensions of the base? 195mm 50mm80mm     C
10 What are the dimensions of the wings? 390-400mm     C
11 What is the size or the space consumption of the device? 2.5 sq ft     C
12 What is the body of the device made of? Thermocol O    
13 What is the cost in making the device? 3000rs     C
14 What is the cost for purchasing it's remote control? 2000rs     C
15 Is the device portable? Yes O    
16 Can paper be used to make wings of the object No O    
17 Can cloth be used to make the wings of the device? Yes O    
18 Which are the gears used? Spur gear , cluster gear O    
19 Is only one type of gear used? No, there are two types of gears     C
20 How does device help for? For carrying goods   F  
21 Does it indicate when the device gets out of range? Yes, it beeps   F  
22 Does the remote control indicate it's low battery? Yes   F