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University of Agriculture Sciences, Dharwad needs an automatic seed sowing machine to ease and automate the process of sowing seeds for farmers.


Agriculture plays an important role in the Indian economy. Sowing is the most important process in farming. It is a very tiring and time-consuming process that requires a lot of human effort. Here we propose the design and fabrication of a fully automatic seed sowing machine that automates this task. The introduction of technology to agriculture will result in reduction of manpower and corresponding increase in productivity.


The goal of our team is to design and build an automatic seed sowing machine using some electric components like motor,battery,etc. It will be an innovate product and time-consuming machine and reduces human effort.



The Automatic seed sowing machine works on simple mechanism, a battery-operated D.C. Motor is used to transmit the rotary motion to the shaft with the help of chain drive, and there is another connection of sprocket and chain to the seed meter for the rotary motion. When the farmer puts seeds into the hopper, seed drops into the seed meter which is controlled by the rack and pinion arrangement mounted on the assembly. As the seed meter rotates, seed drops in the seed pipe, which is connected to the furrow opener for the seeding, there is furrow closer for covering the seeds by soil.

*The materials used are:



DC motor are used in applications requiring speed control, positioning, and frequent starting, stopping, and reversing. they are used in high power applications, such as electric vehicles and industrial machinary.

Function: *speed control: DC motors can be easily controlled by varying the applied voltage or current. *Reversibility: DC motors can be easily reversed by reversing the applied voltage. *DC motors are more efficient than AC motors.



A Battery is typically used to power small electronic devices like smoke alarms, some toys, and radios. it also has a variety of industrial applications.

Function: *It provides a steady source of power when connected to an electrical circuit



The rim of the wheel is made from a flat metal plate made up of steel. It is bent and welded to form a circular form diameter. The periphery is fitted with 12 numbers of lugs at equal spacing. The lugs are of square form of side. It reduces the slippage while moving in the field. The distance between the holes in the seed metering disc depends upon the diameter of the ground wheel.



Storage device is one of the important devices of the system. And is designed according to weight sustained by the robot as well as the required capacity for planting. This component is stationary. To the bottom of this tank seed sowing disc is arranged. This disc serves the function of distribution of the seeds, as for each complete rotation of the rotating wheel, seeds fall from the tank. Also, number of seeds falling from tank is varied according to requirements. This disc evenly opens the way to seed hence planting is done smoothly and accurately.



  1. To carry the seeds 2) To open the furrow to a uniform depth 3) To meter the seeds 4) To place the seed in furrows in an acceptable pattern 5) To cover the seeds and compact the soil around the seed.



For robustness and stability, the entire body holds a total of 15 to 20 available screws and nuts. uses of screws and nut:1.They are used for doing conjunction with a mating bolt. 2.They are also used for making joints. 3.They are used to hold more than one object together. 4.They are used for making strong bonds which are not break even at high amount of pressure.



Thin plastic board used to hold electronic components. The connection of a circuit can be done by inserting different components through holes on the breadboard. The main benefits of using a breadboard are that the electronic components are not soldered. If the components are placed incorrectly then they can be moved simply to the latest location on the board.

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