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These are the special Kingdom mechanics other than the simple claiming stuff.


Invading a kingdom is the only way to capture a land that belongs to another kingdom. The main point of invading a kingdom is to loot their stuff. If you use a plugin like Minepacks with unlimited storage, it'll destroy the whole purpose of the invasion mechanics. So make sure to limit these functionalities. You need to be in a kingdom and have enough resource points to invade a kingdom. There are also many other conditions that you'll occasionally have to deal with.


Preparing yourself against invaders is easy if you're familiar with turrets and structures. They play a huge role on protecting your kingdom. A base is another factor, but actually a cliche problem as well. Most people build obsidian walls from 0 to 255th block for a single chunk. The only way to invade these lands are to build a flying machine using redstone around 250th block to invade the land.

Your nexus chunk, is the most important thing in your kingdom, and it has to have the most security around it. People can mine the nexus to get resource points for every time they break the block.
Powercell structures are specially made for invasions. They're extremely useful when used around the nexus land.


The champion is your kingdom main guardian. By default it's a zombie that can be upgraded in the nexus. This mob will spawn when someone tries to invade you. People getting 13 blocks close to the champion, will have the champion's health and time limit bossbars displayed for them.
You can successfully capture a land after you kill the champion. Note that multiple people can invade a single land, so whoever kills the champion faster will get the land. Champions cannot teleport through any portals. Champions will only target the invader and will not change their target under any circumstances.

Champions are immune to some natural occurrences such as transforming to another mob (zombie to Drowned) or burning under the sun.

Champions support MythicMobs and you can also change your champion type in your nexus.

During Invasion

Ways to End Invasion

Mass Wars

Mass wars are global server events that happen every 12 hours. By default, they only allow you to invade shielded kingdoms and invade for free as many times as you want, but there are many other features to disable/enable certain kingdom features during these events.
Mass wars start with a title announcement and a bossbar showing the progress of the event. They also end with the bossbar progress disappearing and a title announcement. You can manually start or stop a masswar by using /k admin masswar command.
All the mass war settings can be found in invasions.yml

Guards & Soldiers

Kingdom guards are the mobs spawned when a player enters a kingdom's land (without CEASEFIRE attribute) these mobs are stronger if the land is a nexus land.
Soldiers are mobs spawned from soldier turrets when the player is within their range.

All these mob types will spawn right next to the player and will only target that specific player. They will not change their target under any circumstances.
These mobs will disappear under specific conditions:

Note that unlike soldiers, kingdom guards will not spawn if even a single guard from the same kingdom is still targeting them. Doesn't matter if their a nexus guard or a normal land mob. In order for the guards to spawn again, all the guards from that kingdom that are targeting the player must disappear.


Structures are stationary blocks that provide different functions in kingdoms.
Each land can only have one single structure. Kingdom and nation nexus is also considered a structure. Having multiple structures (for certain structures only) is a planned feature.


Turrets are stationary blocks that shoot mobs or heal allies inside and outside of the land within a specific range. They're custom and you can make your own turrets with your own settings and levels in the Turrets folder.\ They can only be placed on specific blocks. Namely fences and wall blocks. Although you can technically place them on these blocks and break them again and the turret will continue to function properly. They're cosmetic, it's not intended to be a restrictive measure for turrets, it'd cause lag in some situations.
Turrets are known to be laggy in Kingdoms, so try to keep the usage low. They need ammo to be able to shoot. You can purchase ammo by right-clicking on the turret. They can also be upgraded to increase their range, damage and etc.

I also recommend checking out Battle Drones a really cool plugin similar to turrets, but they fly around like your pet.


Note: Not to be confused with powercell structure or powerups
This is the same as the old Factions power system which is not enabled by default.

Power is a number for each player in a faction that automatically increases over time. It's like a little mini currency. The faction can claim lands with the total number of powers from the faction members, so factions themselves don't have any power, the power comes from the members and nothing else. Players lose power when they die and when they're inactive for more than a day.

For example, let's say me and you are both in the same Faction. I have 10 power and you have 5 power. Let's say each land needs 5 power, so the faction can claim a total of 3 lands (10+5 = 15 -> 15/5 = 3). If your faction loses power more than it can hold lands, in our previous example, the faction claimed 3 lands, but I died a few times and now I only have 5 power (you still have your 5) the faction will have 1 extra claim. Because it can only hold 2 claims with 5+5=10 power. What other factions can do is that they can simply /k claim one of your faction lands. This is called overclaiming.

You can also take advantage of this system and instead of allowing overclaiming straight with /k claim, allow them to invade the faction instead /k invade

You can enable the power system from powers.yml config.


An alternative to the champion invasion system. This method of invading doesn't involve champions at all.
Just like before, to invade a kingdom, a player has to do /k invade to begin the invasion.
In plunder invasions, both the attacker and the defender kingdoms will have to kill each other until one side loses all its lives and lose. If attackers fail to kill enough defenders after a certain amount of time, defenders will win.
Note: It doesn't matter how the players die in this fight, they could die from their opponent, mobs and even natural causes, and it will still count as a score for the other side, meaning that allies can participate in these invasions.

If there are more attackers in the invaded land than defenders after a certain amount of time, attackers will win. This is called capture progress, but if there are the same or more defenders in the invaded land than attackers, capture progress will not advance. A similar concept to KoTH and the Outpost event.
Note: Allies don't affect the capture progress.

Attackers will win if:

Defenders will win if:

Anything related to champions such as champion upgrades should be entirely removed from the GUIs when enabling plunder invasions as they're useless. Many options from invasions.yml are reused for plunder invasions. Note that you must set a player death limit to use plunders.


Nether Portal Protection

When using the nether portals to teleport, if the destination location is owned by a kingdom that doesn't have casefire or turret ceasefire attributes, the teleportation will be canceled.


When beacons are placed in a claimed land, only players with ceasefire attribute will be affected by the beacon.

Potion Effects

Players with ceasefire attribute cannot use any of the *debuff potions (such as poison and weakness) on another friendly player using splash or lingering potions.