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Modify a Falcon Discover for Cloud AWS account


Requires 'AWS Accounts: Write'.


Name Type Min Max Allowed Pipeline PipelineByName Description
ExternalId String X AWS account identifier with cross-account IAM role access
IamRoleArn String X Full ARN of the IAM role created in the AWS account to control access
CloudtrailBucketOwnerId String X AWS account identifier containing cloudtrail logs
CloudtrailBucketRegion String X AWS region where the account containing cloudtrail logs resides
RateLimitTime Int64 X Number of seconds between requests defined by 'RateLimitReq'
RateLimitReq Int32 X Maximum number of requests within 'RateLimitTime'
Id String X AWS account identifier


Edit-FalconDiscoverAwsAccount [[-ExternalId] <String>] [[-IamRoleArn] <String>] [[-CloudtrailBucketOwnerId] <String>] [[-CloudtrailBucketRegion] 
<String>] [[-RateLimitTime] <Int64>] [[-RateLimitReq] <Int32>] [-Id] <String> [-WhatIf] [-Confirm] [<CommonParameters>]

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