FAQ - ComiColipze/PathfinderMod Wiki

This is the complete FAQ containing all the topics from the mod site, and some of the questions that were not written on the description for being too specific.

  • Will you add all the races?

By His flames, no! Pathfinder First Edition has a pretty extensive list of races to play, and I don't have time to add some of the obscure races from it, due to college and a project for a game. Have you heard about the yaddithians, eh?

  • What races/ancestries will you add?

_I'm planning to add the most known races from the first edition and most of the ancestries from the second edition (excluding automatons, conrasus, fleshwarps, leshys, poppets, shisks, skeletons and sprites). If I add the versatile heritages (aasimars, tieflings, and that kind of jizz), I'll only make them human.

  • What are the confirmed races?

Check the mod's files, and go to the Pawn directory. There you will find most of the "confirmed" and finished races. But treat these "confirmed" ones with a grain of salt; they may be abandoned in a couple of months.

  • Will you add active abilities for the races?

Yes, I will add them, but I don't know how to start. Pretty much I'll add active abilities to the anadi and kitsune (since they're shapeshifters) and a flying ability similar to the jump pack for the strix. But don't expect for this to be added.

  • Why the catfolk, fetchlings, lizardfolk, and ratfolk have different names?

Because they sound nicer, and are less generic than their former names. The azarketis (former gillmen) were also renamed. But I'll not rename the gnolls and strix (they're also called kholo and itarii, respectively).

  • Why you use race instead of ancestry?

In the Second Edition, Paizo changed the name for its species to ancestry due to the history of the use of race in the past (I may be wrong...). In Rimworld, however, I'll keep using "race" for convenience.

  • Can I play this mod in the 1.2 to A17 versions?

Check the mod's supported versions. That being said, it will not work for older versions.

  • Can I suggest a feature?

Sure thing! But don't be surprised if I decline your suggestion.

  • Then can I create a patch or mod for this, though?

Sure can! You don't even need to make it dependable to Pathfinder - Races for Rimworld.

  • All pawns from the factions are naked!

Yes. Yes they are. I don't handle the apparel or weapons of Rimworld, and I'm not willing to create new clothes just for this mod. I suggest you downloading the VFE - Medieval, mod Medieval Overhaul or the Outland mod series. Though I'm not sure about how Outland works (but I know that is a medieval fantasy-inspired mod—that's for sure!), but the VFE - Medieval and Medieval Overhaul worked wonders for me. So check both of them out!

  • Why this mod need Vanilla Expanded Framework to work?

It's related to the Exiled for Humiliation scenario, since vanilla-vanilla Rimworld does not have the feature to determine goodwill of a faction with the player. It would not work if you do not have it installed.

  • How can I spawn pawns from other races?

Use the scenario editor and change the faction to the correspondent race player faction, or capture/recruit pawns from their spawned factions. Alternatively, you can use the Pawnkind Race Diversification (which is now handled by the almighty Mlie) to settle the spawn chance of non-human pawns. I suggest the latter more.

  • Why? There are a lot of fantasy races out there. Why you decided to make this mod?

Because I like Pathfinder, and wanted to create something unique with its races, and distinct from other race mods. Not to compete with the Forgotten Realms mods, that's for sure! I love the Forgotten Realms universe, and in turn, the diversity of mods created by the Neronix17, SalmonToastie and other modders, but got pushed to Golarion's version of D&D since it has better kobolds (it's not the only thing that got my interest for Pathfinder).