Datapacks 1.17.1 - CleverNucleus/DataAttributes Wiki


Data Attributes works using Minecraft's data resource system. The file hierarchy for this is data/namespace/attributes/. Where namespace is either the default minecraft or any given modid. By default, nothing exists in this directory, as all json data is optional. However, a fully populated directory contains entity_types.json, functions.json, properties.json and overrides/ (which is a folder).

└ <namespace>
    └ attributes
        ├ overrides
        |   ├ attribute_name.json
        |   └ ...
        ├ entity_types.json
        ├ functions.json
        └ properties.json

Before creating a datapack with Data Attributes, or using Data Attributes as a mod dependency, please familiarise yourself with Overrides, Entity Types, Attribute Functions and Attribute Properties.