Features List - Christian-AC/ballr GitHub Wiki

Welcome to the Ballr features list!

Ballr, is a Flickr clone, that is for users to share all their favorite images relates to basketball.

1. User creation, login, and demo

  • Users can sign up, log in and log out.
  • Users can login as a demo user to explore all the features
  • Users that log in will get redirected to their user page
  • Users that log out will get redirected to home page

2. Photos

  • Logged in users can post photos
  • Users can view all the posted photos of a certain user
  • Logged in users can edit/delete their posted photos

3. Albums

  • Logged in users can create albums and put their photos in there to organize them
  • users can view albums of a different users
  • Logged in users can edit/delete their Albums