Client validation - CheatBreakerV2/CheatBreakerAPI Wiki

Running CheatBreaker Client

The CheatBreaker API allows you to check if a player is running on a CheatBreaker Client. To check if a player is using the CheatBreaker Client, use:

CheatBreakerAPI.getInstance().isRunningCheatBreaker(Player player)

This will return a boolean of whether or not the client says they are running CheatBreaker. This should not yet be relied on for anticheat purposes as any hacked or legitimate CheatBreaker client can initiate the PluginMessageChannel and is not the same verification method used in protected servers.

CheatBreaker Banned

The last thing any of us want is cheaters. We're here to help stop them. To make sure somebody isn't CheatBreaker banned, use:

CheatBreakerAPI.getInstance().isCheatBreakerBanned(UUID playerUUID)

Note: Make sure that you obtain a CheatBreaker API key and that the API key is set in your config.