Client features - CheatBreakerV2/CheatBreakerAPI Wiki

With the CheatBreaker API, you can display Notifications, Waypoints, Cooldown Timers, and more to players who are running the CheatBreaker client.

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The CheatBreaker client allows the server to send holograms. Holograms get cleared whenever the client switches server or world.

Sending Holograms

To send a client a hologram you use CheatBreakerAPI.getInstance().getHologramHandler().addHologram(Player player, UUID id, Vector position, String[] lines)

Updating a hologram

To update an existing hologram you use CheatBreakerAPI.getInstance().getHologramHandler().updateHologram(Player player, UUID id, String[] lines)

Removing a hologram

To remove an existing hologram you use CheatBreakerAPI.getInstance().getHologramHandler().removeHologram(Player player, UUID id)


Sending a Notification

To send a notification you use CheatBreakerAPI.getInstance().getNotificationHandler().sendNotification(Player player, CBNotification notification)

Alternatively you can use CheatBreakerAPI.getInstance().getNotificationHandler().sendNotificationOrFallback(Player player, CBNotification notification, Runnable fallback)


Sending Waypoints

To send a client a server waypoint you use CheatBreakerAPI.getInstance().getWaypointHandler().sendWaypoint(Player player, CBWaypoint waypoint)

Removing Waypoints

To remove a waypoint on the client use CheatBreakerAPI.getInstance().getWaypointHandler().removeWaypoint(Player player, CBWaypoint waypoint)


Sending Cooldowns

To send a client a cooldown you use CheatBreakerAPI.getInstance().getCooldownHandler().sendCooldown(Player player, CBCooldown cooldown)

Clearing Cooldowns

To clear a cooldown use CheatBreakerAPI.getInstance().getCooldownHandler().clearCooldown(Player player, CBCooldown cooldown)

Titles and Subtitles

Like in newer Minecraft versions you can send titles and subtitles to users running the CheatBreaker client. Titles appear on the center of a users screen with subtitles below them.

To send a client a title or subtitle you use CheatBreakerAPI.getInstance().getTitleHandler().sendTitle(Player player, TitleType type, String message, Duration displayTime)