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/stage is a command that manages stages


  • /stage ...

    • ... add <name> <from> <to>

      Creates a stage

    • ... remove <name>

      Deletes a stage

    • ... settings <stage> <setting> [value]

      Changes the settings of a stage

    • ... teams <stage> ...

      • ... get <teamName>

        Displays ink color of a team in chat

      • ... remove <teamName>

        Deletes a team from the stages and removes tags from blocks tagged the team

      • ... set <teamName> <teamColor>

        Creates a team or sets a team's color

    • ... warp <stage> ...

      Teleports players to a stage evenly

      • ... [<setSpawn>] ...

        Whether a player's spawn should be set to the spawn pad they teleport to

        • ... any

          Teleports players to any spawn pad indifferent of the player's ink color

        • ... color <color>

          Teleports players spawn pad that matches ink color of the <color> argument, regardless of the player's ink color

        • ... self

          Teleport players to spawn pads matching their own ink color. Default argument

        • ... team <team>

          Teleports players to spawn pads tagged as part of the team specified in <team>

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