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Sky 2.0 offers a remixed perspective on the traditional Sky Gods: Byakko, Genbu, Seiryu, Suzaku and Kirin. These monsters have been buffed from their original versions and have been completely redesigned to include custom abilities and mechanics. The battles are designed to challenge alliances of fifteen to eighteen geared and coordinated players. Some will require alternative strategies and precise gameplay.

Entry Requirements:

  • Defeat Dynamis Lord
  • Rank 10 (any nation)
  • Level 75


Preparing for Battle:

NPC: Dremi (H-11) Trade (3) of the corresponding tatters to purchase a pop.

Enemy Items Required
Byakko Byakko Scrap
Genbu Genbu Scrap
Seiryu Seiryu Scrap
Suzaku Suzaku Scrap
Kirin Key Items from: Byakko, Genbu, Seiryu, and Suzaku

Trading the specified God scraps to Dremi will award the player with a character variable that can be redeemed at the corresponding beacon located on each of the four islands that are accessed by interacting with the Eschan Portal #1.

Starting the Encounter

The player possessing the “pop” character variable touches the beacon to begin the fight.

Getting Credit:

Upon successfully downing Byakko, Genbu, Seiryu and Suzaku, a ??? will appear on despawn that will reward a key item to a single player that can be used in conjunction with the remaining key items to create a Kirin pop set. Be sure to allocate a dedicated member of your team to hold the key items.

Basic Mechanics of Each Battle


Using Weaponskill: Atonement and or any enfeebling magic will result in the death of a random party member.


Casting Flash on Genbu will cause him to use an AoE charm ability. Casting any magic of an element matching the Vana’diel day will result in an alliance wipe. Many of Genbu’s resistances can be nullified by proccing him using a Samurai 5-step skillchain.


Alternates between physical and magic shield phases. Players must be careful not to do the wrong type of damage to Seiryu during a phase change, or this can result in healing him. If any member of the alliance dies during battle, Seiryu unlocks benediction which can be used when he is under 25%. Can teleport often. Will enter a raged mode after thirty minutes of battletime. Successfully hitting Seiryu with a Zephyr will remove some of his resistances and additional effects.


This battle is a DPS check. Periodically Suzaku will spawn a minion, with a self-destruct timer of 25 seconds. Each time a minion spawns, it will buff Suzaku’s damage rating. The more minions that are allowed to spawn, the higher his damage rating can get.


We prefer players explore this fight on their own.


Custom Treasure Drops

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