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The default Zmk configuration supports one active bluetooth connection at a time, with 5 pairings stored in memory.

These 5 pairings are numbered BT_SEL 0-4 and once active can be switched between to switch devices. To add a new device, you can reset a pairing, opening that slot for a new device pairing.

Pairing a New Device

On my layout, there is an arrows key layer, activated by holding the space key on the right hand. While you are holding the space key, the layout will look like this:


To add a new device, first choose the BT_SEL that you would like to bind the device to, by continuing to hold space with your right hand and then clicking the correct bluetooth selection with your left hand. Then select BT_CLR, while still holding space.

This will reset that slot and enable active pairing. If you go to the bluetooth of your device you should see corne in the list. Please note that if you had previously added corne, you will need to delete the old pairing before you can add the device again.

Trouble Shooting Bluetooth

Bluetooth sometimes acts wonky, there are a couple causes.

Restart It

Sometimes the right half is just being silly. There is a little black switch (behind the nice!nano, under the screen protector if you have one) you can press in that will reboot the keyboard, and this will often fix the issue. If you have a screen, you will know this is necessary because the bluetooth waves symbol will have turned into an X, which will then fix after reboot.

Charge It

Low battery in either keyboard half can cause bluetooth issues, which you can solve just by plugging in your keyboard. You can continue to use your keyboard while it is charging.


If these two steps don't work, sometimes something about the pairing has gone awry. Delete the computer's original pairing and then pair again from the keyboard.

Software Refresh

If all else fails, load new software onto the device. Go to the github actions page and download the latest zip and unzip it. Then plug the left half of your keyboard into your computer and quickly double press the reset button next to the screen. This will put the device into software update mode, and it should appear in your file explorer.

Then you want to copy the software with left in the name from the unzipped folder, and paste it into your keyboard. This should then automatically unmount your keyboard and you can continue using it.

By default, reinstalling the software will not clear your previous bluetooth pairings, but if you've been having trouble then it is probably good to go through the whole repairing process.

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