0_BUILD_PPCON_DATASET - CarolinaAmadio/bitsea_complement GitHub Wiki


The directory is designed to process input dataset into the SUPERFLOAT format.
The instructions for using the directory can be found in the Launcher.sh. The

  1. Remove Negative Concentrations of Chlorophyll-a (chla) To address this issue, two Python scripts are employed:

    • Check_negative_chla.py the script exit at the first negative value

    • Correct_negative_chla.py: If negative concentrations are found, this script corrects them

  2. Rename QC_[VARIABLE] to [VARIABLE]_QC:

    • 2_Check_on_qc_name.py the QC_[VARIABLE] parameter is renamed to [VARIABLE]_QC
  3. Generate float_index.txt

    • 3_dump_index.py script to regenerate the float_index.txt file.