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Core Mechanics

  1. Your Populace
  2. Moral Questions
  3. Finding Middle Ground
  4. Declaring a WAR

Secondary Mechanics (player resources, more info)

  1. The IdeologyDex
  2. Political Compass Map

== Features over 200 worldly Ideologies to unlock and discover! 💭💡 ==

4 scales that govern all

Your Populace

Your ideologyball starts out with a population of 3 inconveniently random ideologies, all with different opinions about matters. As a representative, it is your duty to cater to them, and keep them satisfied. Good luck pleasing all o’ them! 🤧🥇 Answering in favor of them, boosts your public opinion percentage.

Catering via Answers

Moral Questions

Catering to citizens is done by answering sequences of political questions.

As you do this, you start building a 'palette' of your political opinions, ultimately building an ideology.

Catering through Values (Propaganda)

As of yet the game features the following political values:

  • These values will shuffle as you answer the questions in your propaganda window. By locking certain values (right mouse button on the value), you can specifically tailor your public score, and thus ensure the increase of the public opinion of your populus. ⬆️💯

Catering via Propaganda

Finding Middle Ground

  • Citizens will instantly like you (100% public opinion) if you have the exact same ideology as them.
  • The rest is based on the ideological distance between your ideology and theirs.
  • Citizen count is dynamic, you can increase/reduce your citizen count with certain policies. This, of course, has an effect on your total public opinion.
  • By locking certain values you can still cater to some citizens' interests.
  • Be wary of low public opinion values, for they will cause a revolt, which ultimately resets government.

Declaring a War

One of the key types of POLICIES are of course the ability to declare a war.

All wars have 2 main elements to take note of:

  • War Range: A war can only be declared on a country that is in a certain range near you.
  • War Duration: All war policies have different durations. Some have only 4 War Turns, and some have 12, taking way longer.

The Play of War

After declaring a war your public opinion will be tracked, per question you answer, for the given amount of War Turns.

This essentially is a 1v1 battle of who can hold the truest to their political position, and who has the most solid spine.

Catering via Propaganda

The player with the higher public opinion than the other, wins the War Turn. At the end the player with the most Turns won will become the victor.

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