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Core Mechanics

  1. Your Populace
  2. Moral Questions
  3. Finding Middle Ground
  4. Declaring a WAR

Secondary Mechanics (player resources, more info)

  1. The IdeologyDex
  2. Political Compass Map

== Features over 200 worldly Ideologies to unlock and discover! 💭💡 ==

Four primary scales that govern your political orientation

People have different ideas about politics, and there is no one right answer. Some people think that the government should be in charge of everything, while others think that people should be free to do whatever they please. Some people think that things should always be changing and moving forward, while others think that some things should stay the same.

And finally, some people think that the focus should be on our nation, while others think the focus should be on the whole world.

These scales will slide up and down as you answer questions:

  • Economic Axis (Equality vs Markets)
  • Statist Axis (Authority vs Liberty)
  • Cultural Axis (Progress vs Tradition)
  • Diplomatic Axis (Nation vs World)

Your Populace

You begin with a population of 3 random ideologies, each with a unique set of values. It is your duty to cater to them, somehow keep them all satisfied, wage wars and make peace. Good luck pleasing all o’ them! 🤧🥇

Catering via Answers

Moral Questions

— Answer political questions with "Agree," "Disagree," or "Meh."

— As you do this, you start building your ideology.

Catering through Propaganda Values

  • Under the Propaganda tab, you are able to lock (right-click) or dismiss (flick away) certain values. Lock the values of your citizens to specifically tailor to them, thus increasing their approval rating. ⬆️💯

`The Propaganda tab allows you to specifically cater to your citizens by locking or dismissing certain values. You can do this by selecting the values that your citizens have.

This will make them more likely to approve of you and give you a better rating. For example, if you have citizens that appeal to environmentalism, you could choose to lock in the "ecological" value.`

Catering via Propaganda

Finding Middle Ground

- The approval rating of your citizens is based on the ideological distance between you.

- If you are the same ideology as a citizen, it will give a 100% approval rating.

- You can add, remove or change your citizens through various policies!

- If you want to keep people from revolting against your government, it's a good idea to make sure your propaganda appeals to them. As an authoritarian, appease the libertarians by locking in 'Liberty' as propaganda!

— If you want to keep people who don't like your ideology satisfied, you can lock in some propaganda that will appeal to them. This will help keep them from revolting, which will reset your country's ideology. Too many revolts and you're out!

Other Countries

  • If you have a lot of disagreements with other countries, they may not like you very much and could even start a war with you. It's important to try to get along with your neighbors.

Declaring a War

You may use certain POLICIES to declare a war. However, if a country is mad at you, it can also declare a war on you. You can see how a country feels about you by hovering your mouse over it.

All wars have 2 main elements to take note of:

  • War Range: A war can only be declared on a country that is in a certain range near you.
  • War Duration: How long the war lasts (in turns). All war policies have different durations.

The Play of War

After declaring a war your public opinion will be tracked, per question you answer, for the given amount of War Turns. Now is the time to boost your public opinion as high as you can!

If you declare a war, people will start to track how much they like you based on the answers you give during the war. So it's a good idea to try to be as liked as possible during a war.

The public's opinion of the player will be tracked after declaring war, based on the questions the player answers, for a number of turns equal to the number of War Turns. Now is the time for the player to try to get the public's opinion as high as possible.

Catering via Propaganda

At the end of each War Turn, the combatant with the higher public opinion wins.
At the end the player with the most Turns won will become the victor.

If you want to win a war, you have to have more people on your side than the other person. To do this, you have to have a higher public opinion.

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