Biomes - CamoMano/Enriched GitHub Wiki


Redwood Forest

The Redwood Forest biome is a rough but mostly flat biome covered in redwood and spruce trees. This is the only biome where redwood trees generate.

Diverse Forest

The Diverse Forest biome generates similarly to regular forests but they are much denser and also contain spruce trees.

Desert Mountains

The Desert Mountains biome generates like deserts but with mountainous terrain.

Frozen Desert

The Frozen Desert generates like normal deserts but is covered in snow and lacks vegetation. This biome will generate more Sapphires and Rubies.

Extreme Mountains

The Extreme Mountains biome generates with similar features to mountains but is much larger.

Extreme Jungle

The Extreme Jungle biome generates with similar features to the Modified Jungle but with much rougher and mountainous terrain.

Extreme Jungle

The Shattered Jungle biome generates similar to the Shattered Savanna biome but with a jungle theme.


The Monolith biome is an optional biome that is disabled by default. This biome is inspired by the Monolith Bug which was patched in the early stages of the game. Removed in version 1.3.0.