Project Plan - CShingiro/Team6Project Wiki

Team 6 term project - Adventure in Galaxy 6

The objective was to create a captivating and fun interactive website that entertains with an educational element. We'd have multiple sections with a story-based flow that naturally guides the user through the quiz-style content and rewards them with more fun at the end. The result would be a website we can present to the members of our class and make part of a portfolio.

Each person was allocated a role overseeing elements of the project but we all contribute to all areas. We chose to have no specific team leader, favouring votes on major decisions.

Amended Team 6 term project - Planet 6 Café

After the first consultation with the client, plans were scrapped for the interactive game and was changed into the Planet 6 café. After the second consultation, our initial prototype was also adjusted to make the site have a more warm and welcoming theme. Plan deadlines remained the same.

Eric: Code writing and debugging

Navtej: Design, code writing and debugging

Christian: photos, graphics

Christopher: visual bible, meeting logs, and documentation of both product and project

Major Phases:

Planning - May 21 - June 18

Designing - June 5 - July 9

Executing - June 4 - August 6

Testing July 30 - August 13

Presentation August 14 - 20

Specific Deadlines: