CRC Cards - CMPUT301W24T15/SyncQR GitHub Wiki


Responsibility Collaborators
Knows its poster
Knows its QR Code for checking-in QRCodeGenerator, CheckinSystem
Knows the list of attendees checked in
Knows its promotion QR Code
Knows its map showing where the users are checking-in from
Knows how many times each attendee has checked into the event Organizer, Attendee


Responsibility Collaborators
Generates a reusable QR Code for checking-in Event
Generates a unique promotion QR Code Event


Responsibility Collaborators
Recognizes a QRCode and check-in to the corresponding event Event


Responsibility Collaborators
Knows the location of user User


Responsibility Collaborators
Knows its profile picture
Edits / Removes its profile picture
Knows information such as name, homepage, and contact information
Edits information such as name, homepage, and contact information Attendee


Responsibility Collaborators
Edits the option of enable or disable geolocation tracking for event verification LocationTracking


Responsibility Collaborators
Knows the events created Event
Edits the events created (adding poster, changing information) Event


Responsibility Collaborators
Receive push notifications with important updates from the event organizers Profile, Event


Responsibility Collaborators
Knows all events Event
Knows all profiles Profile
Knows all images
Remove events Event
Remove profiles Profile
Remove images


Responsibility Collaborators
Store all information about events Event
Store all information about user profiles Profile
Allow system to accquire or update data when needed Organizer, Administrator