Getting started - CHERTS/pgscv GitHub Wiki

Getting started with pgSCV.

TLDR: download and run pgSCV, scrape metrics with cURL.

  1. Go to releases page and select latest release, for example v0.8.0. Copy url of .tar.gz archive from assets section.

  2. Go to the server and download and unpack archive using cURL utility.

curl -s -L -o - | tar xzf - -C /usr/sbin pgscv
  1. Create config file where you need to specify credentials for connecting to PostgreSQL.
cat << EOF > /etc/pgscv.yaml
    service_type: "postgres"
    conninfo: "postgres://postgres:[email protected]:5432/postgres"

Instead of postgres user you could use other user.

  1. Run pgSCV
/usr/sbin/pgscv --config-file=/etc/pgscv.yaml

You should see no error. After startup pgSCV connecting to PostgreSQL service using provided credentials.

  1. Open the second terminal and check metrics
curl -s

You should see metrics in Prometheus format.

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