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List of available collectors and information collected by them

Index of content:

System collectors

System collectors collects metrics only from local system where pgSCV is running.

Collector Datasource Description
system/loadaverage /proc/loadavg load averages
system/cpu /proc/stat cpu usage
system/diskstats /proc/diskstats block devices usage
system/filesystems /proc/mounts filesystem usage
system/netdev /proc/net/dev network interfaces usage
system/network network settings information
system/memory /proc/meminfo, /proc/vmstat memory usage
system/sysconfig /proc/sys, /sys/devices/system system config

PostgreSQL collectors

Some of PostgreSQL collectors have specific requirements such as PostgreSQL version or configuration settings. If requirements are not satisfied, collector will not collect metrics. See availability notes.

Collector Datasource Description Availability
postgres/activity pg_stat_activity current activity stats
postgres/archiver pg_stat_archiver WAL archiving stats >= Postgres 12
postgres/bgwriter pg_stat_bgwriter background writer and checkpointer stats
postgres/conflicts pg_stat_database_conflicts recovery conflicts occurred during replication
postgres/databases pg_stat_databases databases general stats
postgres/indexes pg_stat_user_indexes, pg_statio_user_indexes indexes usage and IO stats
postgres/functions pg_stat_user_functions functions usage and timings stats
postgres/locks pg_locks current activity locks
postgres/logs System paths Postgres log messages >= Postgres 10, logging_collector = on, access to local filesystem
postgres/replication pg_stat_replication replication stats
postgres/replication_slots pg_replication_slots replication slots usage stats
postgres/statements pg_stat_statements executed statements stats enabled pg_stat_statements
postgres/schemas pg_catalog.* databases' schemas stats from system catalog >= Postgres 9.5
postgres/settings pg_show_all_settings() current settings
postgres/storage DATADIR paths data files/directories usage stats >= Postgres 10, access to local filesystem
postgres/tables pg_stat_user_tables, pg_statio_user_tables tables usage and IO stats
postgres/wal pg_stat_wal, WAL functions WAL usage (records, FPIs, bytes)
postgres/custom user-defined metrics based on SQL queries

Pgbouncer collectors

Collector Datasource Description
pgbouncer/pools SHOW POOLS pools usage stats
pgbouncer/stats SHOW STATS general pgbouncer stats
pgbouncer/settings SHOW CONFIG current settings (including per-database settings)

Patroni collectors

Collector Datasource Description
patroni/common /patroni, /history common operational information

Miscellaneous collectors

Collector Datasource Description
system/pgscv internal pgSCV internal metrics